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Published: 11/19/2012

A Guide to Insert Coating Processes and Materials
Few materials have had a greater impact on our economy and industrialized culture than cemented tungsten carbide.

Published: 9/20/2010

Buy 2, Get 1 Free, now through October 31
(Sponsored Content) NS Tool’s patented MUGEN premium coating delivers superior drilling and milling performance on hardened steels, including stainless. And now Single Source Technologies brings you that performance at savings you can’t afford to pa...

Published: 9/20/2010

Industry’s First General Purpose, High Performance Tap
(Sponsored Content) MultiTAP from Emuge is the industry’s first high performance tap designed to cut a wide range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze. MultiTAP is also un...

Published: 3/15/2010

Literature Review: Micro Snap Catalog Supplement
(Sponsored Content) Heule Tool Corporation offers a new 14 page product catalog supplement for the new series MICRO SNAP front & back chamfering tool starting at 2.0mm.

Published: 12/10/2009

Max-Flute Solid Carbide End Mill
(Sponsored Content) MAG’s CYCLO CUT cutting tool line introduces the Max-Flute solid carbide end mill. The Max-Flute technology delivers a step-change in machining of a broad spectrum of jet engine components in both titanium and nickel alloys. MAG’...

Published: 10/13/2009

(Sponsored Content) CYCLO CUT cutting tools offer integral shank HSK63A end mills for use in high speed machining of large aluminum structural components. Integral design allows indexable cutting while running at high RPM’s, and much higher cutting ...

Published: 8/17/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools
Cutting tool technology is evolving rapidly—responding to both changing production demands and more challenging workpiece materials. Machine shops and machining facilities today need to look at their cutting tools differently. They also need to look...

Published: 8/16/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Introduction
(Advertorial) Cutting tool technology is evolving rapidly to respond to changing demands and more challenging workpiece materials. Shops today need to look at cutting tools differently. They need to look at cutting tool suppliers differently as well...

Published: 8/15/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Rule #1: Do More With Your Machine
 (Advertorial) The tooling has the potential to transform the process.

Published: 8/14/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Rule #2: Demand Application Expertise
(Advertorial) The support of a knowledgeable tool supplier should be part of what you purchase with the tool.

ERIX tool saves up to 90% of the manufacturing time on back spotfacing and chamfering operations.