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Published: 9/11/2014

An Extreme Part-Off Demo Returns to IMTS 2014
The strength of part-off tools is shown in demonstrations whereby they part off a railroad rail and sledge hammer head. Talk about significant interrupted cuts…

Published: 2/4/2013

Video: Blisk Milling
The process seen here uses trochoidal tool paths and cryogenic cooling

Published: 10/24/2011

Video: Milling Inconel 718 with Cermic Inserts
Metal removal rate is high and the cut is dry. See other basic tips for milling with ceramics.

Published: 9/30/2011

Why Y?
This toolholder takes advantage of a Swiss-type’s Y-axis motion to approach and engage the barstock from the side, which helps prevent “bird nesting.”

Published: 8/5/2011

A Quick Way to Deburr Holes in Contoured Surfaces
This video shows a device that enables machine tools to quickly deburr both sides of through holes in elliptical and contoured surfaces.

Published: 5/16/2011

Dapra high feed cutting 4140ph at 300-ipm.
(sponsored content) Video: High-Feed Cutting 4140PH at 300 IPM with RHINO-FEED Mid-Feed Shell Mill and Inserts from Dapra.

Published: 4/18/2011

90-Degree Pocketing Aluminum - 0.250” DOC with Square Shoulder End Mill and XPET-ALU Inserts from Dapra
(sponsored content) This video demonstrates Dapra's 1" Square Shoulder End Mill executing a pocketing routine in aluminum.

Published: 4/11/2011

Video: Maximizing Cutter Life
A shop owner describes his simple approach to evaluating cutting tool performance and finding the best parameters.

Published: 2/11/2011

Video: Cryogenic Machining of Titanium
Through-tool liquid nitrogen turns the tool into a heat sink, extending tool life.

Published: 2/1/2011

Video: Safe Shrink-Fit Has Built-in Cooling
The cycle for heating the toolholder also includes water cooling so the toolholder finishes cool.

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