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Video: Safe Shrink-Fit Has Built-in Cooling

The cycle for heating the toolholder also includes water cooling so the toolholder finishes cool.

Video: Hard Pocket Milling

Relieved end mills and pre-machining of corners are two important considerations for accurate pocket machining in hard steel.

Video: Big Boring Operations on a Marine Prop Housing

East Texas Machine Works focuses on large-scale work. Here’s a video showing impressive boring operations on a marine component.

Video: Modulation Assisted Machining

This footage shows the effect of a techology that speeds and simplifies center drilling by oscillating the drill through many pecks per second.

VIDEO: Pocketing Steel - 0.030” DOC

(Sponsored Content) This video demonstrates Dapra's 1" Toroid End Mill executing a pocketing routine in steel. The material is 4140PH (30 Rc), and the machine tool used is a Fadal 4020 with a 40-taper spindle with .030" DOC.

Sponsored Video: Helically Interpolating a Hole at 225 IPM Through a Milled Slot

This video demonstrates Dapra's 1" Toroid End Mill executing the helical interpolation of a 1.75" diameter hole to a depth of 1.25". The material is H13, and the machine tool used is a Fadal 4020 with a 40-taper spindle.

Video: Getting the Most Out of Your Standard Spindle

High spindle speed is not needed for high productivity, particularly with the right choice of cutting tool types. Techniques described in this tutorial video relate to plunge roughing, high feed milling and slotting.

Video: Plunge Roughing in Aluminum

Even in aluminum, plunge roughing can be an effective way to realize high productivity.

Video: High Feed Milling in Aluminum

Footage shows roughing at 48 cubic inch per minute on a standard-speed machining center.

Video: Milling Inconel 718 Efficiently Without a Heavy Machine

This video of machining Inconel at a fast metal removal rate shows the effect of constant-engagement-angle milling.

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