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Published: 6/28/2017

Emuge EF Micro Drills with Coolant-Through Design
The EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter, are all coolant-through design and are ideal for aerospace, medical and precision automotive applications designed for producing small, deep holes in steel, cast ir...

Published: 6/12/2017

Quick-Change Drilling Tool Line Gets New Diameter Range
Tungaloy is adding a set of tools with diameters ranging from 6.0 to 9.9 mm to its DrillMeister line.

Published: 6/9/2017

Tangential Milling Cutter Enables Increased Depths of Cut
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s TSX-series tangential milling cutter is designed for stable, efficient shoulder milling at high feed rates.

Published: 6/2/2017

End Mills Cut and Polish 2D Contours Simultaneously
Emuge has introduced its Cut & Form solid carbide finishing end mills, designed to perform both cutting and polishing in one operation.

Published: 6/1/2017

Modular Connection System for Drilling, Boring, Tapping
Allied Machine & Engineering offers Wohlhaupter’s MVS modular connection system.

Published: 6/1/2017

BNC2000 Series CBN Grades Perform with Accuracy and Productivity
A newly developed CBN substrate coated with a TiCN layer achieves excellent surface finish, while reducing wear, the company says.

Published: 5/19/2017

End Mills Cut through Hard Materials
Amerimold 2017: YG-1 Tool’s 4G and X5070 end mills are designed to cut through hard materials.

Published: 5/12/2017

Diamond-Coated Cutters for Hard Milling
Amerimold 2017: Crystallume will showcase its latest tool lines, including the Demon series for hard milling.

Published: 5/10/2017

Emuge’s Solid Carbide Coolant-Fed Micro Drills
EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter.

Published: 5/10/2017

Stabilizer 2.0 Doubles Feed Rates, Shortens Cycle Times
The cutters incorporate continuous variable asymmetrical geometries and provide smooth and chatter-free performance that allows feed rates to be doubled as compared with previous models.

ERIX tool saves up to 90% of the manufacturing time on back spotfacing and chamfering operations.