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High-Feed Cutters Improve Tool Life

Ingersoll Cutting Tools will show its Hi-QuadF line of high-feed cutters.

Unscrewing Devices for High Production

Superior Die Set will showcase its Threadformer family of unscrewing devices designed for high-production runs with minimal maintanence.

Coolant System Extends Tool Life

Haimer will display its Cool Flash system, developed out of its existing Cool Jet system.

Ballnose End Mills for Milling, Mold Applications

Data Flute will display its Die Mold series of solid carbide ballnose end mills for hard milling and mold applications.

High-Performance Cutting Tools

Rocky Mountain Twist will display its high-performance cutting tools, including precision high speed steel and cobalt jobber-length drills.

Tap Reduces Oversize Threads

YG-1 says its Combo tap effectively eliminates oversize threading problems that can occur with high-helix spiral-fluted taps.

Cutting Tools for Aerospace Composite Machining

Lovejoy Tool will display its standard and special end mills and ballnose cutters designed for ramping, trimming and contouring in composite machining for aerospace applications.

Milling Chucks Reduce Run-Out

Rego-Fix’s millTite milling chucks are said to reduce run-out while increasing gripping force.

Milling Inserts Reduce Cutting Forces

Iscar will display its Heli IQ Mill 390 milling inserts.

High-Feed Quad Cutters for Milling

Ingersoll’s Hi-QuadF high-feed milling cutters are available with a 13-mm IC insert for 0.088" depth of cut or a 19-mm IC insert for 0.145" depth of cut.

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