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Controlling Burr Formation within Small Intersecting Holes

A reader struggles with burrs between intersecting holes 1 mm and less in diameter. MMS Online’s micromachining expert offers advice.

Selecting Brushes For Burrs

Deburring is often a practical necessity after cutoff operations. Wire brush systems provide a low-cost and reliable means of automatic deburring of barstock or tube stock.

Robotic Deburring Provides Flexible Alternative

The consistent performance and radial compliance of this device is making companies re-evaluate their manual deburring operations.

Deburr Small Parts With Swarming Stainless Pins

This deburring system uses magnetism to excite small pins that remove light burrs from small, non-ferrous parts.

Getting More Bang For Your Deburring Buck

Today, customers demand parts that are burr-free, which would suggest aggressive deburring. At the same time, they want parts that are free of scratches and dings, which calls for gentle processing. There is a non-conventional deburring process that...

Cross-Hole Deburring In-Process

One of the most nagging problems that metal-working shops face is dealing with burrs. Of particular challenge is deburring of the intersection of cross-drilled holes.

The Right Tool, Right Away

In-house custom tool grinding extends the reach of CNC machining.

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