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Deburring Machine Features Self-Cleaning, Sanding

Arku’s EdgeBreaker deburring machine is designed to remove thick slag and heavy burrs as large as 3 mm on steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and alloyed parts measuring 80-mm thick and 1,300-mm wide.

Slugger GXE Deburring Machines Address Finishing Challenges

Fein Power Tools Inc.’s Slugger GXE deburring machine is fast and highly versatile when equipped with Slugger’s range of brushes, the company says.

CNC Centrifugal Barrel Deburring Machine

United Surface Solutions combines the centrifugal barrel process with computer programming to manage finishes and burr removal depending on part requirements.

Adapter Enables Automated Deburring with Wheel Brushes

Tanis offers its Shell Mill Adapter for wheel brushes, designed to simplify wheel brush attachment to CNC machines and enable automated deburring.

Deburring/Chamfering Tool Offers Adjustable Cutter Depths

Heck Industries offers its Turbo-Burr handheld deburring/chamfering tool featuring a light construction.

Tanis Inc. Shell Mill Adapter for Wheel Brushes

Tanis Inc.’s adapter secures wheel brushes to CNC machines.

Microblasting Equipment Deburrs Medical Parts

Comco offers a line of micro-abrasive blasters designed to effectively process small workpieces.

Small-Diameter Disc Brushes Access Hard-to-Reach Areas

Brush Research’s Nampower high-performance abrasive nylon disc brush line now includes a selection of small-diameter tools.

Stainless Steel Miniature Brush Kit

BRM’s line of precision crosshole deburring brushes feature all stainless steel construction for superior brush performance.

Miniature Brush Kit Features Stainless Steel Construction

BRM’s line of precision cross-hole deburring brushes feature all stainless steel construction.

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