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Machine Removes Micro-Burrs with Steel Media

The sPINner batch deburring machine from Techniks deburrs ferrous and non-ferrous parts produced on machining centers, Swiss-type screw machines and lathes.

Abtex Deburring System for Fine Blanked Parts

Abtex Corporation has designed and built the Tri-Ten deburring system for deburring high volume, fine blanked parts, will operate three shifts per day, 7 days a week.

Rotary Indexing System Cleans and Deburrs

Abtex’s custom rotary indexing systems are designed for high-volume finishing such as deburring of multiple surfaces and cleaning gears in flexible machining system environments.

Abrasive Filament Tools Enable Turning in Both Directions

Abtex’s Hex Drive abrasive filament tools are designed for use in semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery, including CNC and in-machine deburring stations, as well as robotic machine tools.

Ceramic Filament Brushes Diminish Burrs

Osborn will showcase its ATB line of ceramic filament brushes designed to diminish burrs on materials ranging from plastic to high-temperature alloys used in aerospace and other high-technology industries.

Blast Cabinets Feature Ergonomic Design

Zero Pulsar 55se blast cabinets from Clemco Industries are ergonomically designed to enhance productivity and efficiency by providing a safe and comfortable work station for production blast operators.

Abrasive Products for Metal Finishing

Brush Research Manufacturing will display its Flex-Hone tools for finishing and deburring virtually any type or size of cylinder.

Tool Deburrs Both Sides of Holes

Whitney Tool will display the Burr-Zit tool, a product of the recently acquired Cogsdill Enterprises.

Diamond-Crystal Tools Feature Self-Sharpening Edges

The diamond Flex-Hone tools from Brush Research Manufacturing are designed for deburring, edge blending and surface finishing operations in hard materials such as carbide, ceramic and aerospace steel alloys.

Deburring System Improves Productivity

Abtex Corporation offers a two-head, high-productivity U Series system as part of its Tri-Ten line of deburring systems.

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