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When to Mill Keeps Changing

Technology improvements steadily expand the range of tool and die parts that justify high speed machining.

Rapid Tooling: Poised for Rapid Takeoff

Developments in rapid tooling make this technology even more attractive for quick, low-cost, customizable, and even environmentally aware manufacturing.

Optimized Mold Temperature Control Using DMLS

This white paper describes the use of additive manufacturing to produce mold tooling with conformal cooling channels.

Fast via Machining and Molding

Thanks to a cluster of processors running a home-grown algorithm and lean manufacturing shops in the U.S., Japan and Europe, Proto Labs can deliver machined or molded parts in as little as a day.

Rapid Tooling: Faster, Better, and Less Expensive

Don’t think of rapid tooling purely for prototyping or short runs.  Additive tech is making it possible to produce steel tools that have decided benefits for injection molding and die casting.

A Deeply Holistic Approach

In its effort to streamline every step of the mold building process, this company has upgraded its deep-hole drilling capability with a new six-axis machine. A rotary table with magnetic workholding enhances this machine’s flexibility.

Complementary Technologies Make MQL More Accessible

An add-on system for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) combines an external pump with repeatable control over nozzle position.

Getting New Business with Big Machines

These shops saved themselves from dependence on the declining automotive sector thanks in part to their commitment to large-scale machining capacity.

Keeping Things In Focus

Machine-mounted video cameras are part of a system that help a shop owner get more work done while spending less time in the shop. He can monitor and control what’s happening on his machines remotely. He’s also developed strategies for reacting to e...

Alternate Tool Material For Hogging Large Workpieces

Shops often use either carbide or high speed steel cutting tools for hogging out the large workpieces common to the aerospace and moldmaking industries. While both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, cutting tool manufacturer Precisio...

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