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Published: 4/5/2010

Video: 3+2 Mold Machining at Eifel
A maker of injection molds for high-appearance-quality parts describes the machine tool, software and strategy this shop uses to apply 3+2 machining.

Published: 3/31/2010

Hard Milling Isn’t Just High Speed Machining
Milling complex forms in hardened tool steel involves more than just fast, light cuts, says this maker of medical-related injection molds. Here are some of the ingredients of an effective hard milling process.

Published: 2/4/2010

Video: Getting the Most Out of Your High Speed Spindle
Here is an introduction to machining center spindles designed for high speeds, with practical tips for using these high speed spindles effectively.

Published: 2/4/2010

Video: What Is High Speed Machining?
The answer does not have to do with any particular speed. It has to do with how that speed is used.

Published: 1/13/2010

Video: The Role of Heat in High Speed Machining
In high speed machining of die/mold steels, the heat has a more beneficial effect than the role it plays in conventional cuts.

Published: 12/9/2009

Video: Balancing Tools And Toolholders
This video provides both the argument and methodology for performing offline balancing of tool/toolholder assemblies for high speed machining centers.

Published: 10/13/2009

Aluminum Molds In Three Weeks Or Less
While aluminum molds are commonly used to create prototypes or to serve as stopgap bridge tooling, they are starting to receive greater attention for production work. This shop’s approach to creating aluminum molds in one day to three weeks is the s...

Published: 10/1/2009

Straight to Sand
Through direct CNC machining of molds and cores, this supplier of cast and machined parts skips the pattern-making step that would otherwise be fundamental to casting. The result is weeks of lead-time savings for complex parts that are needed in a h...

Published: 4/3/2009

Video: Faster Micro-Finishes for Micromachining
 Smooth finish comes from balanced cutting parameters, as this video explains.

Published: 2/6/2009

Video: Understanding The Role Of L:D Ratio In Micromachining
When milling with tiny tools, changing the length-to-diameter ratio can significantly change the cutting parameters it is possible to achieve.

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