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Published: 6/23/2017

Amerimold: Moldmaking's Biggest Show Captures Current Metalworking Technology
Many of the emerging developments and key trends in metalworking technology were represented at this show, making it a revealing cross-section of current advances.

Published: 3/1/2017

See More at Amerimold 2017
Registration is now open for the annual trade show. Though the venue is familiar, this year’s event is expanding its offerings for tool- and moldmakers.

Published: 10/11/2016

Mobile Measurement Pays Dividends
In addition to easing quality control on large parts, the ability to perform precision measurements virtually anywhere can boost overall manufacturing efficiency and provide critical data where none existed before.

Published: 10/27/2014

Where Do 3D-Printed Molds Make Sense?
Stratasys describes the capabilities and limitations of 3D “digital ABS” molds for making plastic parts through injection molding or blow molding.

Published: 7/22/2014

Video: Additive Manufacturing at Linear Mold
The company uses 3D printing to create conformal-cooling mold inserts in addition to production parts.

Published: 2/7/2014

Amerimold 2014 Registration Now Open
Scheduled to run June 11-12, 2014, in Novi, Mich., Amerimold connects global and domestic technology leaders involved in all aspects of mold manufacturing.

Published: 1/9/2013

Machining for Additive Manufacturing
Even though one is “subtractive” and one is additive, CNC machining and additive manufacturing are not competitors.

Published: 11/14/2012

Mold Shop Cures the “Curse of Knowledge”
How do you transfer knowledge from skilled employees to apprentices? Here’s how one shop did it using a Facebook-like sharing system.

Published: 8/8/2012

Video: Linear Motor Machines at Die Tech
Machines with linear motors instead of ballscrews have increased productivity for one die maker.

Published: 5/15/2012

Additive Manufacturing or Low-Volume Injection Molding?
Learn about the comparison between additive manufacturing and low-volume injection molding in this video presentation.