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Tips for Controlling Oxidation and Pitting on a Wire EDM

Additives, machine settings, workpiece materials and current technology are factors in avoiding common problems with unwanted rust and surface defects.

What is the Best Process for Machining a Small, Precise Hole in Aluminum?

This small hole is actually large enough that any of three different processes might be used.

The Hidden Cost Of EDM Wire Consumption

 Excessive wire consumption on a wire electrical discharge machine is costly. Technology that allows slower unspooling speeds without compromising results appears to be the answer.

The Most Valuable Resource For Succeeding At Lean

What is the most valuable resource? The answer is probably obvious: the people. This shop started to succeed at lean manufacturing once every employee got involved.

Vision System Brings On-Machine Measurement To Ram EDM

Vision technology tailored to ram EDM allows shops to measure a part as it remains fixtured on a spark-erosion machine.

Micropulse Technology Comes To Fast-Hole EDM

Holes in turbine blades are critical because the internal cooling airflow provided by these holes prevents the parts from overheating during operation. One of the most promising technologies for making these holes is fast-hole electrical discharge m...

A Role For Rotary Erosion

A cutting tool manufacturer uses multitasking equipment that combines electrical-discharge grinding and conventional grinding to speed the production of diamond tools.

Electrical Discharge Saw Slices Through Hard Alloys

Electrical discharge sawing uses spark-erosion technology and is said to create blanks from exotic alloys as much as 70 percent faster than wire EDM.

Room To Grow

This wire EDM job shop in Wisconsin acquired a submerged cutting wire machine that lets it handle larger, taller workpieces than just about any other job shop in the country. The new machine has a “column-up” option that adds a riser block between t...

A Highly Complementary Combo

Wire EDM and abrasive waterjet go together well, especially for cutting aluminum.

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