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On The Path To Automation

Implementing an integrated tooling system proved to be this mold shop's first step toward automated operation of its electrical discharge machines and graphite mills. Today, the shop's robotic cells can run around the clock in an unattended mode.

EDM For The Long Run

To manufacture large quantities of similar parts, a Georgia machine shop has found that wire EDM is the ideal process.

Wire EDM Gets An Automatic

The development of automatic 'tool' changing for wire electrical discharge machining promises to revise the process strategies applied to many wirecut workpieces.

Machining To Sub-Micron Accuracy--With EDM

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) has a long tradition of being one of the most pioneering of metalworking technologies. Shops with EDM learned (by necessity) to deal with unattended operation long before it became feasible elsewhere.

The Efficiency Effect

Using machining centers that might otherwise mill electrodes, this Minnesota mold shop does its cutting directly in steel. The streamlined process has exceeded expectations and yielded a striking increase in sales.

EDMing Beryllium Copper: An Introduction

Beryllium copper offers many benefts to the moldmaker and plastic injection molder, yet questions remain on how to best EDM it, which alloy to specify, where to use it, and is it safe to work with?

Cryogenic Treatment Enhances Stability For Wire EDM Operation

In the world of Wire EDM professionals, the mission is very similar to NASA's, in minimizing scrap rate and in maximizing quality (i.e. meeting customer specifications). That is the challenge to each Wire EDM operator and tool designer.

Sparking Better Designs

By automating repetitive splitting and electrode-design work, an Ohio mold and die shop spurs creativity and expands EDM applications.

Reaching New Depths And Greater Accuracy

Just when you thought high speed machining or hard milling would steal the best applications from ram-type electrical discharge machines, linear motor technology is taking "sinker EDM" to levels unattainable with any other metal removal process.

Where Wire EDM Is A Workhorse

This shop finds the process practical, productive and predictable, an indispensable technology that supports all of its manufacturing capability.

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