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Published: 4/12/2017

Die Sinker EDM With Automated Loading/Unloading
Eastec 2017: In addition to unveiling a new high-performance milling machine, GF Machining Solutions will showcase the Form 20 die sinker EDM paired with the WorkPartner 1+ automation system to increase productivity through automatic electrode and p...

Published: 4/11/2017

Graphite for EDM Applications
Eastec 2017: Poco Graphite’s product line includes more than 100 grades of graphite used in EDM, semiconductor and other industrial applications.

Published: 4/10/2017

EDM Drill/Mill Cuts 3D Turbine Blade Diffuser Shapes
Eastec 2017: EDM Network will exhibit Chmer EDM’s six-axis AD5L EDM Drill/Mill, a high-speed EDM drilling machine that can also mill 3D diffuser shapes required for air cooling in jet engines and industrial gas turbine generators.

Published: 10/19/2016

Wire EDM Delivers Surface Finishes to 0.1 Micron Ra
ONA’s AV wire EDM is equipped with a generator that can deliver surface finishes to the order of 0.1 micron Ra.

Published: 6/27/2016

Sinker EDM for Aerospace, Production Applications
Belmont’s MX-220 Drop Tank, part of the company’s Maxicut ZNC series of sinker EDMs, features a compact footprint of 56" × 104" and a paint-to-paint design that enables multiple machine setup.

Published: 6/24/2016

EDM Brand Features New Digital Power Manager
Global EDM offers four machines from its Excetek EDM brand, including three from the new WGPlus series.

Published: 6/17/2016

Accessible EDMs Feature Submerged Wire Threading
Developed to enable more manufacturers to take advantage of EDM capabilities, the AccuteX Great Economy (GE) wire EDMs don’t compromise on accuracy or speed, according to supplier Absolute Machine Tools.

Published: 6/16/2016

Wire EDM Series Supports Precision in Complex Parts
Introduced in North America by GF Machining Solutions, the AgieCharmilles Cut X series of Wire EDMs is designed for precision machining of complex parts in high-volume production runs.

Published: 6/15/2016

Sinker EDMs Offer High-Speed Jumping, Thermal Control
MC Machinery Systems will display a range of Mitsubishi’s wire and sinker EDM machines, including the EA8PS and EA12PS.

Published: 6/14/2016

Wire EDMs Combine Speed, Precision
Available from Methods Machine Tools, the FANUC RoboCut α-CiB series of wire EDMs are designed for high precision, fast rapid traverse rates and expedited setups.