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EDM Cell Cuts Lead Time in Half, Improves Quality

Sodick's AG60L sinker EDM and an Erowa Robot Compact helped Ford Tool and Machining LLC cut lead time in half when it needed to reduce downtime and increase repeatability.

EDM Drilling Unit Improves Production for Aerospace Manufacturer

This shop utilized a hole-drilling EDM to improve setup time, manage labor hours and provide faster turnaround.

EDM Economizes Stamping Tool Production

High part volumes tend to be the norm for providers of stamping services, but the nearly 1 billion electrical contact connectors produced last year at Scenic Tool and Stamping aren’t such typical fare.

EDM Brings Capacity, Capability to New Heights

A wire EDM’s increased Z-axis capacity enabled this shop to take on larger parts.

Shop Capitalizes on Water Over Wire

Two abrasive waterjet systems from Omax provide a cost-effective alternative to wire EDM and enable this shop to take on new work.

CAM Shortcuts Simplify Lights-Out Burns

A CAM system with an intuitive user interface, adaptable postprocessors and time-saving shortcuts help this manufacturer maximize unattended EDM burn time.

EDM, Metrology System Pairing Opens New Doors

Seeking a solution for producing and measuring smaller, more intricate parts, this shop combined a ram EDM unit and optical 3D metrology system. Each provided significant benefits on its own, but the pairing of the two technologies enabled the compa...

Wire EDM Improves Throughput, Surface Finish

This manufacturer insulates itself from global competitors by focusing on high-quality products across a range of industries. Just as important, however, is routine investment in new technology. The company’s latest acquisition, the AC Progress VP2 ...

Machining Center Expands EDM Business

As a supplier to leading parts manufacturers in such varied industries as appliances and automobiles, this shop was only initially handling the intricate and complex work on parts with its EDM machines. Outside companies would machine the base parts...

High-Precision Mold Shop Cuts EDM Machining Time By 40 Percent

Finally tiring of the tedious cutting times, marginal finishes and excessive secondary operations coupled with automatic wire feeder problems, this mold shop owner sought-and found-an alternative.

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