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Wire, Ram And Small Hole Driller Help Build Specialty Injection Molds

The ram EDM runs unattended day and night, allowing the operators to perform other tasks. The ram has cut graphite costs nearly 50 percent, requiring fewer electrodes than its older equipment.

Arizona Manufacturer Finds Night And Weekends No Problem For Automated EDM

A Mitsubishi VX10 working in conjunction with a System 3R Workman Robot routinely operates unattended from Friday afternoon until Monday morning for this Arizona manufacturer.

Mold Shop Eases Into 3D Machining

Converting a shop from a 2D to a 3D machining environment is always a major undertaking, but the right equipment can make the transition easier.

From Wire To Ram EDM With Success

Find out here how this Windsor, Ontario, job shop made a big move to ram EDM successfully.

EDM And Automation: Not 'Oil And Water' Any Longer

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) was developed in the 1940's, used sparingly for burning out broken taps and dies until the 1970's, then utilized for single part operations, moldmaking and punch-die production in small lots until about ten years...

Die Maker Enjoys The Benefits Of Having EDM In The House

As a manufacturer of high volume, precision custom metal stampings for the automotive, computer, farm implement and household appliance markets, this company maintains a substantial in house die making department, empowered by EDM.

New EDM Wire Is Tough To Break

In many aspects of life, the characteristics of strength and toughness are thought to be synonymous, and indeed that is often the case. However in the world of wire EDM, considering strength and toughness to be synonymous can result in a fair measu...

Job Shop Doubles Production With Wire EDM

MIE rests its reputation on its ability to machine large parts quickly using GFAGIECHilles Technologies' ROBOFIL 300 and its newest wire EDM machine with a Fanuc control, the ROBOFIL 510F, Mr. McGrail said.

Need For Change Brings Unexpected Benefits

This manufacturing company was faced with a dilemma common to many companies in today's manufacturing environment. Change their process to include CNC or lose valuable customers.

A New Angle On Wire EDM

This Dallas-based job shop specializes in the fabrication of very high taper pieces in stainless steel and aluminum. Often involved in larger profile work, they faced a challenge not uncommon in EDM: the tendency for some cutting wires to break.

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