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Energy-Conscious Machine Tools

Energy costs are on the rise, and new regulations mandate that manufacturing facilities reduce their consumption levels and overall carbon footprints.

Statistical Process Control Goes Visual

In the world of manufacturing, there is a perception that Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is beneficial only to OEMs and large Tier 1 suppliers.

Tool Certainty

For GKN Aerospace to overcome tool-related variations on its largest milling machines, it had to confront error sources that go unnoticed in many shops.

Diagnostic Software Stimulates Accurate, Timely Decisions

This component-based troubleshooting and diagnostic system is said to consolidate large amounts of manufacturing information in a format that enables technicians to quickly find exactly what they need.

CAM And Turn/Mill: Making More With Less

A shift in thinking has led to an overhaul of this company’s machine tools and production processes. The result has been a significant improvement in capacity that has allowed more parts to be brought in-house and more profits at the end of the day.

Sharing The Big Picture

The theme of visibility in manufacturing finds expression in numerous ways at this shop. One of the most conspicuous is the use of plasma displays in strategic areas to summarize the company’s performance as reported by its shop control/data-collect...

Integrated Tool Management

Bridging the gap between process engineering and shop floor activities can bring about a "deproliferation" of cutting tools.

Automating Time Studies

This company has created a system that replaces the stopwatch and clipboard system of time study and the manual data transfer and analysis process.

Scalable Measurement And Quality

Machine shop owners face a fundamental conflict in their efforts to make metrology an integral part of manufacturing processes. On one hand, the critical relationship between quality and profitability makes metalworking professionals reluctant to ch...

The Hidden Costs Of Cutting Tools

This shop brought the hidden costs down by paying close attention to tool inventory.

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