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Analytical Inspection System Suitable for Fine-Pitch Gears

The 300GMS analytical gear inspection system from Gleason enables faster complete inspection of smaller gears such as those used in automotive and aerospace applications, as well as gear-cutting tools and non-gear parts.

Gear Hob Features Indexable Carbide Inserts

The CoroMill 177 tangentially mounted hob from Sandvik Coromant is said to increase productivity and tool life in gear wheel machining operations.

Vertical Hobber Enables High-Volume Gear Production

The VLC 200 H vertical hobber from Emag is designed for flexible, high-volume gear production as part of a modular system.

Grinding Fluid’s Molecular Structure Minimizes Heat Build-Up

SintoGrind 353 gear-grinding fluid from oelheld is formulated from pure synthetic base stocks for demanding grinding tasks and is designed to handle hardened steels in excess of 65 Rc.

Custom Gear Components Offered

CCE offers customs gearboxes for use in the agriculture, construction and off-highway transportation industries.

Power Chuck for Gear Blanks

The Rota NCR six-jaw power chuck from Schunk is designed for machining thin-walled, easily deformed workpieces.

Forged Tooth Gears Offered

Presrite offers precision near-net forged tooth gears with integral teeth designed with a minimum stock allowance wrapped around the finished gear-tooth profile.

CAM Software Simplifies Gear Machining

DMG Mori Seiki’s gearMill CAM software programs multitasking machines for a variety of gear operations, including machining spiral bevel gears.

Gear Inspection System Includes Surface Finish Measurement

Gleason’s 1500GMS analytical gear inspection system is said to enable faster inspection speeds and is capable of a range of inspection tasks for gears ranging to 1,500 mm in diameter.

Universal Machine for Topography Grinding

Luren Precision offers its LUG-3040 CNC universal grinding machine, which uses the topography grinding method rather than generating grinding.

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