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Friction Stir Welders Capable of Jointing Difficult Alloys

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) Heavy Industries will display its Powerstir friction stir welder.

Depressed-Center Wheels Improve Grain Micro-Fracturing

Norton Abrasives will highlight the NorZon Plus depressed-center wheels for right-angle grinding applications, including the new NorZon Plus Fast Cut wheels.

CNC Tool, Peel Grinders Offered

Rollomatic will provide information on its CNC tool grinding and peel grinding machines, as well as updates to its fine laser cutting and ablation machine.

Honing Machine for Large Parts

Sunnen’s SV-20 honing system for large part production features a true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on parts such as compressors, oilfield components and automotive blocks.

Cylindrical Grinder Developed for Between-Center, Chucking Applications

Supertec Machinery will display a range of its grinding machines.

Machines Designed for Plunge-Cut Cylindrical Grinding

Fermat Machine Tool will display its BUC, BHC and BUB universal cylindrical grinding machines, including a new model of the BUC 63/4000 CNC and the BUB E 50/1000 with a new CNC system.

Grinding Technologies to Be Featured

The Schliefring Group will display technologies from its various divisions, including Jung, Studer and Walter, among others.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Features Three Spindles

Junker’s all-round machine series features a high-precision B axis with automatic stepless positioning for versatility, while three high-performance spindles enable ID and OD grinding operations.

Control System for Wheel Dress Process

The SBS ExactDress wheel dress process control card from Schmitt Industries is designed to reduce dressing time and increase wheel life for both profiled and standard grinding wheels.

CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder for End Mill Production

Anca’s MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder is designed for producing end mills in mixed batches.

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