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Pinch and Peel Grinder for Cylindrical Grinding

Rollomatic will display its ShapeSmart NP5 five-axis pinch and peel grinding machine for the cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless steel components.

Grinding Machine for Reduced Cycle Times

Peter Wolters of America offers its Micron Macro machine designed for creep-feed profile and high-efficiency deep grinding.

Large-Part Honing Machine for Job-Shop Volume

The SV-20 honing system for job shop part production features a true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on such parts as compressors, oilfield components and automotive blocks.

Automated Drill Sharpener Monitors Sharpening Process for Maintenance Issues

Darex LLC’s XT-3000 auto sharpener completely automates the drill sharpening function of the already versatile XT-3000 sharpener.

Metal Fabricating Abrasives Products Feature Zirconia Alumina Grain

Norton Abrasives (of Saint-Gobain Abrasives) is upgrading its “Better” tier of metal fabricating abrasives products for portable grinding applications.

Hones Boost Part Capacity, Stroker Torque

Sunnen Products’ all-electric HTA hones are designed to increase part capacity and stroker torque in applications such as bore resurfacing of hydraulic actuators, extruder barrels and die casting shot tubes, and manufacture of gas flow meter tubes.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Boosts Metal Removal Rate

The S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is designed to increase precision, surface quality and metal removal rates while decreasing cycle time.

Wheel Changer Adds Versatility

An optional six-station wheel changer makes the six-axis GrindSmart series of multi-axis tool grinding machines even more suitable for continuous production and more versatile for specialty cutting tools, such as form and step tools, the company say...

Grinder Combines Three Technologies

The Zenith grinding machine uses three grinding technologies—aluminum oxide, "diamond-hard" plated cubic boron nitride (CBN) and vitrified CBN—to grind rotors as large as 420 mm.

All-Electric Honing System for Hydraulic Actuators

The all-electric HTA actuator hone is suited for hydraulic service facilities that resurface and repair actuators for construction, mining, farming and forestry equipment.

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