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Automated Honing Creates Consistent Parts

Micron Manufacturing’s fully automated, one-spindle Nagel Eco 40 hone with post process gaging and automatic wear compensation improved bore quality on a fuel injector and also provided consistent uptime.

CNC Grinder Shortens Lead Time for Specialty Tooling

Switching from manual grinding applications to CNC grinding applications with a Studer favoritCNC grinder from United Grinding helped ETW Inc. reduce lead times for custom HSK tooling.

Sensors Automate Grinding, Dressing Wheel Positioning

By listening for slight changes in sound, acoustic emission sensors enable grinding machine owners to automate their wheel positioning and dressing processes with precision and accuracy.

Hone Refurbishes Cylinders to Cat Specs

Seeing a need in the industry to salvage hydraulic cylinders to Cat-specific requirements, Whayne Supply purchased an all-electric HTA hone from Sunnen that enabled it to bring previously outsourced work in-house.

Machining Cell Helps Bolster Local Industry

A two-machine cell consisting of a turn-mill and surface grinder from Chevalier Machinery, both serviced by an industrial robot from ABB Robotics, play a key role in a San Antonio research and education institution’s mission to strengthen the local ...

Grinder Offers Precise, Single-Setup Production

Studer’s S33 cylindrical grinding machine from United Grinding Technologies provides rigidity and precision along with the flexibility to complete multiple operations in a single setup.

Beating the Competition by Not Making Products

An emphasis on process rather than creating products is the goal for some metalworking companies these days.

Move to Single-Pass Honing Cuts Stator Scrap

This automotive Tier 1 supplier reduced scrap on its variable valve timing (VVT) stator bores by replacing roller burnishing operations with a Sunnen VSS-2 single-stroke honing machine.

Automated Honing Reduces Cycle Time by 75 Percent

Faced with increased demand for a critical aerospace part, this manufacturer sought to replace its manual honing machines with a CNC model. As a result, the company achieved a 300-percent increase in production, better ID surface finishes and dimens...

Metal-Bond Wheels Roll Toward New Horizons

Historically, metal-bond wheels have been perceived as too slow for jobs involving carbide tool blanks and other very hard substances. This shop's success using a specially formulated metal-bond wheel from Abrasive Technology to grind drill blanks c...

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