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Machine Boosts Productivity Of Aerospace Component Manufacturer

The purchase of this CNC grinding center to replace a number of large and unreliable reciprocating-type grinders has boosted production and proved invaluable for machining blades, turbine nozzle guide vanes and rotor blades for air- and land-based g...

Toolmaker Boosts Productivity With Grinder

Given the vitality of the auto market and the growing trend towards aluminum as a weight-saving aid, the demand for this manufacturer's tools has been consistently strong. More than half of the business is regrinding existing tools for customers, wi...

Grinding Cell Yields Automatic Rewards

Sheffield, United Kingdom-based tool manufacturer Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment (UDCE) manufactures a wide range of products for the engineering, fabrication and construction industries, including electro-magnetic drilling systems, broach...

Universal Grinder Takes The Heat Out Of Brake Servo Production

Dunlop Aviation Braking Systems was looking to replace outdated machinery and to gearup the match grind cell of its brake system manufacturing module.

Higher Quality, Reduced Defects Via Remanufactured Grinders

This off-highway vehicle manufacturer's grinders were difficult and time consuming to set up, and holding tight tolerances had increasingly become a 'hit or miss' proposition.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Provides Solutions To Accuracy And Production

Jeff and Gary Caron of Caron Precision, Inc. know grinding. They know grinding so well that their business is strictly grinding--no other machining at all. But not even the Carons ever thought they would invest in a cylindrical grinding machine to f...

Superabrasive Grinding Reduces Turbocharger Balancing Cycle Time

It used to take too long to balance turbocharger wheels and shafts on a CNC balancing/correction machine. Engineers at American Hofmann set out to develop a one-step, fully automated process to more accurately correct the imbalances in turbochargers...

Grinders Boost Quality, Productivity At Power Tool Plant

Using the cutting capabilities of a superabrasive grinding wheel requires a systematic processing approach. It takes more to get good process results than just slapping a superabrasive grinding wheel on a machine tool.

Doubling Accuracy Of Manual Grinding Machines With CNC Wheel Dressers

Retrofitting older grinding machines with a CNC wheel dresser makes it possible to reduce the total tolerance band on broaching tools produced with the new dressers from 0.0004- to 0.0002-inch.

Steel Rod Mill Uses Flexible Programming For Grinding Of Carbide Forming Rolls

Two grinding operations are typically performed on these carbide rolls. The first is a topping operation (an OD operation) using a straight-faced 14-inch diamond OD grinding wheel. The second operation is form grinding the pass configuration.

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