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Exploring the: Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs) Zone

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Heavy-Duty HMCs Machine Large Parts

Mag’s modular HMC 1250/1600 series is designed for high-precision, high-productivity machining for the aerospace, power generationand off-road industries.

Automation Features Added to HMC

Three different systems for automation have been added to the HBZ CompactCell HMC to help reduce downtimes.

High-Speed, Expandable HMC

The Akari Seiki HS-450i HMC is equipped with a Fanuc 31i Nano control, two 400-mm pallets, an 80-station ATC and 285-psi TSC.

VMC, HMC For Productive High Speed Machining

The FH400J is the company’s smallest HMC to date. Designed with a 15,000-rpm spindle, the machine is suited for high speed applications. The 2.

HMC Accommodates 1,102-lb Loads

An addition to the company’s Ecoline series of fully featured CNC machine tools designed for job shop use, the DMC H Eco is a compact HMC with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 22.1" × 23.6" × 23.6"; a 26.8-hp main drive; spi...

HMC With 15,000-rpm Spindle

The NBH 5+ Speed HMC is designed as a manufacturing solution for large aluminum parts or tombstones in automotive, electronic and general industrial applications, combining a generous work envelope with a 15,000-rpm motorized spindle, 295-ft/min...

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