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Company Invests In HMC To Keep Pace With Growth

Since its installation, this HMC has dramatically reduced floor-to-floor times on the manufacture of precision reamers, which are used for expanding oil well bore holes during directional drilling operations.

Laser Toolsetter Solves Moldmaker's Quality And Productivity Challenges

Prior to toolsetter installation, Desenco personnel report that it was 'almost impossible' to attain accurate Z depths and repeatability in the Z axis.

Machining Center Expands EDM Business

As a supplier to leading parts manufacturers in such varied industries as appliances and automobiles, this shop was only initially handling the intricate and complex work on parts with its EDM machines. Outside companies would machine the base parts...

Linear Motors Shorten Production Time

Linear motors account for part of the reason why DaimlerChrysler's Stuttgart, Germany, manufacturing facility has been able to nearly double the productivity of machining centers producing automotive cylinder heads.

Three Steps To Succeed As A Minority Automotive Supplier

Some shops would measure a productivity improvement in terms of the extra capacity freed up on a given machine tool. Texas Arai measures its productivity gains in terms of the number of machines it no longer needs.

Flexible Unattended Machining Helps Improve Part Quality And More

In its desire to use new methods, the shop looked for a product that would increase tool life, improve part quality and decrease changeover time. It found the One-Touch flexible manufacturing system (FMS) from Okuma and became the first to own one.

HMC Helps Optimize Engine Performance And Reduce Time To Track

The precision craftsmanship that goes into building an engine will usually separate the winners from the also-rans at NASCAR's highest levels. This certainly applies to cylinder head development, because so much power from the engine is produced in ...

Investment In 'Horizontals' Pays Off For Parts Manufacturer

Precision parts manufacturer Quality Machining Inc.--QMI--supplies high-precision machined components each year for companies such as Caterpillar, Dana, and Kraft. While much of QMI's work has centered around bar turning, the company has recently ch...

High Speed Machining Helps Modernize Bulkhead Manufacturing

Raytheon Aircraft recently decided to set the competitive standard rather than follow it. In turn, the company is modernizing its manufacturing plants and processes to ensure continuous improvement.

Minimizing Parts And Designing Components Solves Several Needs

Milltronics Manufacturing Company, a CNC (computerized numerical controls) machine tool builder located in Waconia, Minnesota, is a major manufacturer and marketer of high quality, cost effective machining centers, toolroom and bridge mills and tool...

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