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High-Speed Machine Spindles Reduce Cycle Times

Designed to reduce cycle times in a variety of operations, NSK America’s HES series of machine spindles includes two models programmable from 5,000 to 80,000 rpm.

Hybrid Machine Combines Laser Sintering with Milling

The Lumex Avance-25 from MC Machinery Systems and Matsuura Machinery Corp. combines metal laser sintering technology with high-speed milling technology to produce complex parts using digital engineering and 3D data.

Short and Fast Micro Line Spindle

IBAG North America’s short and fast 22-mm diameter Micro Line high speed milling and drilling spindle for Swiss turning applications has a 63.3-mm length.

High-Speed Machining for Small Parts

The M75 from Datron Dynamic ( is a compact, high-speed machining center featuring a 1.2 kW 30,000-rpm spindle for milling, drilling and engraving.

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