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Stoelting Showcases Large Ultrasonic Cleaners

Among the products in its Booth NC-105, Stoelting (Kiel, Wisconsin) is featuring the Lewis L series of large ultrasonic cleaners, which offers high performance and reliability to industries with large-capacity cleaning requirements.

Making Machine Tool Research Accessible

Readers will find hundreds of product write-ups in the pages of the ShowDaily, and the average IMTS attendee will come across a myriad of products on the show floor.

Total Independence Demonstrated on a Dual-Workstation Laser System

The new Dual Workstation 606D multi-axis laser processing system from Prima Power Laserdyne (Champlin, Minnesota) features two completely independent workstations in a single, unitized structure.

Lightweight Motorcycle Made Through 3D Printing

The APWorks Light Rider is said to be the first motorcycle to be made through 3D printing.

Sumitomo Offers $20,000 Tooling Giveaway

Snatching money out of thin air might seem like something out of a dream, but IMTS attendees are doing just that at Mount Prospect, Illinois, cutting tool supplier Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s Booth W-2422. These lucky show-goers are the w...

Chip Processing Made Visible

Those visiting PRAB (New Brunswick, New Jersey) in Booth NC-238 can see in action the E-Series chip-processing system with enhanced 3D digital animation in action.

More Productivity through Reduced Scrap

The market for precision parts in the supply chain for automobile, aerospace and other sectors is mainly characterized by medium- and large-sized batches.

Four Companies Partner to Deliver New Optimized Tooling Solution

Every milling process has a spindle speed, or a set of spindle speeds, at which it inherently wants to cut.

Playing with Physics, Mitutoyo Focuses on Recent Acquisition

Physics geeks and metrology technicians alike may be interested in how Booth E-5215 reflects (or better, refracts) Aurora, Illinois-based Mitutoyo America Corp.’s recent acquisition of a controlling share in TAG Optics Inc. (Princeton, New J...

OSG Brings Multi-Faceted Exhibition

OSG USA Inc. (Glendale Heights, Illinois) is working IMTS from its new 40-by-50-foot Booth W-1779, where the company’s top experts are sharing valuable industry and machining information with attendees, while also debuting new product videos. ...

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