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Swiss-Style Turning Machine Spindles Offer Durability

NSK America’s iSpeed 3 series of spindles are designed for use in Swiss-type turning machines.

Integral Motor/Spindles Promote Accuracy

NSK America’s HES series electric spindles can be coupled with various spindle tapers and are suitable for use in dry or flood coolant cutting conditions.

Hand Grinders Accommodate Range of Attachments

NSK America’s Evolution series of hand grinders, an addition to the company’s Emax line, is capable of one-touch control and offers speeds ranging to 40,000 rpm.

Micro Welder Repairs Molds of Various Materials

Rocklin Manufacturing demonstrated its MoldMender micro welder, designed to repair plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die casting molds and dies made of steel.

Multitasking Machine Offers Variable Speed Settings

Among the machines Mazak will debut is the Integrex j-200S, a multitasking machine with twin turning spindles and a milling spindle designed to process workpieces complete in a single setup.

CAM Software Adds Product Data Management Functionality

Missler Software will present live demonstrations of its TopSolid 7 product data management- (PDM-) based CAD/CAM software range, and in particular TopSolid’Cam 7.8, its latest CAM software.

Turning Center Handles Heavy-Duty Cutting

The Hyundai-Wia L500LMA series turning center is designed for heavy-duty cutting.

Compact Clamps Offer High Pressure, Low Torque

Lenzkes Clamping Tools offers Multi-Quick 60 & 100 (baby) clamps.

Single-Base Plates Secure Workpieces to Machines

Erowa Technology has added single-base plates to its line of MTS multi-base plates for palletizing workpiece holders, vises and fixtures.

Rotary Table Increases High-Volume Machining Productivity

Calmotion will display its Quad 5C rotary table, which features a four-gang configuration designed to increase productivity in large-volume applications, reducing tool-change times and eliminating part setup operations.

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