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Storage Systems Provide Versatile Options

Vidmar offers a variety of manufacturing storage and racking systems.

Range of Cutting Tool Measurement Machines

Zoller offers a range of cutting tool measurement and management products, such as its Titan, 3dCheck and Pom series of universal inspection machines for ergonomic and precise cutting tool measurement.

Expanded Range of Insert Sizes Now Available for Boring Diameters

Vargus offers its Groovical line of high-productivity tools for general grooving applications.

Manual and Power Chucks For Oilfield Applications

TMX Workholding Solutions, a division of Toolmex Industrial Solutions, is offering its Oil Country Chuck line, which includes both large through-hole manual chucks and self-contained, pneumatic power chucks.

Benchtop System Offers High-Speed Measurement

View Micro-Metrology, a division of Quality Vision International (QVI), offers its compact Benchmark 250 benchtop unit engineered to provide accurate and high-speed precision measurements for process control on the production floor.

Two Cameras Enable Presetter to Measure, Inspect Tools Simultaneously

Available from Koma Precision, the Elbo Controlli Khyan-TW hybrid tool presetter features two optical cameras with digital zoom capabilities.

Single-Pass Honing Machine Achieves High Cylindricity

Sunnen’s VSS-2 series of honing machines is part of the company’s Single-Stroke Honing concept, a single-pass process that uses progressively larger, preset-diameter superabrasive tools to size and finish bores.

Tool Grinder Offers Versatile Spindle Configuration

United Grinding America will display a custom-painted, 20th anniversary version of the Walter Helitronic Power CNC tool grinding machine.

EDM Manual Offered as Downloadable App

Poco Graphite will display its EDM Technical Manual, published in an online format for Web access.

Metrology Software Eases Feature Creation

Hexagon Metrology's updated PC-DMIS 2014 measurement software contains more than 98 enhancements over previous versions to more effectively collect, evaluate, manage and present manufacturing data.

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