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Fuel- Efficient HMC Reduces Energy Costs

Enshu USA’s JE30sH horizontal machining center features rapid feed rates of 60,000 mm/min (2,363 ipm), a FANUC 0i Control and stationary high-load capacity NC index table, and is well-suited for high-speed, high-precision machining on flexible produ...

Bar Feeder Offers Polyurethane Guide Channels for Quiet, High-Speed Operation

Edge Technologies offers the FMB 20-100 bar feeder, an addition to its Turbo “Heavy Metal” line of hydrodynamic 12- to 24-ft. bar-loading magazine feeders.

Laser Alignment Tool for CNC Gantry Machines

Pinpoint Laser Systems offers its Pinpoint Gantry Kit, a tool for geometric alignment of three-axis CNC gantry machines.

Two-Axis Inclinometer Logs Data Wirelessly

The Digi-Pas DWL-8500XY is a two-axis precision inclinometer with built-in vibrometer, offering high-resolution measurement, accuracy to 1 arcsecond (5 microns/m), and a measuring range of 14,400 arcseconds for level, angle, surface flatness and vib...

Cloud-Enabled CAM Eases Tool Management

DP Technology’s Esprit Cloud-enabled CAM software enables programmers to quickly select tools based on part features through the Esprit Machining Cloud Connection.

CMM Automation Software with 3D Graphing Capabilities

Verisurf Software offers Verisurf Automate, a graphical, object-oriented sequencing and CMM probe path-generation software that creates automated inspection plans, executes the plans and then generates reports.

Circular Miter Saw Automatically Adjusts Feed Rate

Pat Mooney’s OMP KR3 fully automatic circular miter saw is designed for production sawing applications that require straight or miter cuts on bars, tubes and structural workpieces.

Next-Gen HMCs Achieve High Accuracy

DMG MORI's NHX series of horizontal machining centers includes the second-generation NHX 4000 and NHX 5000.

Marking Laser, Software Offers High Reliability

Trumpf offers its TruMark 1110 diode-pumped vanadate laser as the basis for a cost-effective series of entry-level marking lasers.

CAM Suite Improves Five-Axis Drilling

Open Mind Technologies' HyperMill 2014 CAM suite features an extension for advanced five-axis drilling and roughing strategies.

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