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Vertical Turning Center Supports 2,000-kg Loads

Toshiba Machine Co. America offers the TUE-100 vertical turning center.

Profile Grinder’s Torque Tube Stabilizes Creep-Feed Grinding

Peter Wolters of America will display the Micron Macro high-rigidity profile grinder, designed for high-efficiency deep grinding (HEDG) and creep-feed profile grinding.

Range of Motion Control Products Offered

HPB Motion Control will exhibit its range of motion control products, featuring its hybrid servo control system for plastic injection molding machines.

Tool Presetting and Measuring System Promotes Customization

The STP Futura line of tool presetting and measuring systems from Speroni features a modular design with a number of available configurations.

Standardized Clamping and Gripping Products are Economical

Röhm Products of America exhibits a range of clamping and gripping products, including its new Orange Line, which covers drill chucks and live centers as well as lathe chucks and machine vises.

Entry-Level Machine Supports Thread-Whirling Operations

Tornos’ CT 20 automatic turning machine is equipped with a sliding headstock and accommodates 20-mm bars.

Four-Axis Lathe Built for 33,000- to 50,000-lb Workloads

Toolmex Lathes’ TUR-1550MN/CNC four-axis multitasking turning center features include a 61" swing over bed, 43.3" swing over saddle and 78" to 707" between centers to handle big jobs.

PCs Designed to Manage Factory Floor Operations

Nexcom introduces two multi-touch industrial fieldbus panel PCs to manage factory operation. The models are the IPPC 1632P and the IPPC 2132P.

Lifting Magnets for Flat and Round Ferrous Materials

Master Magnetic’s Neodymium Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets are said to provide extraordinary strength in a compact size, ensuring safety and speed for lifting heavy loads.

Line of Centerless Grinders Updated for Rigidity

Monza’s 620 line of twin-grip centerless grinders features a 24" diameter grinding wheel with widths of either 14" or 20".

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