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Adaptive Machining Software Reduces Cycle Times

Omative Systems North America debuts its software-based systems for adaptive machining, real-time vibration monitoring and shop floor production management.

Machining Center Provides Complete Five-Axis Machining in Single Setup

Hydromat will display Licon mt's LiFlex II 444 twin-spindle machining center, suitable for production of small- to medium-sized components ranging to 445 mm.

Portable Parts Cleaning and Collection Unit Improves Air Quality

Custom Service Solutions, Inc. introduces its compact MiJet, a pneumatically-driven, portable collection unit designed to clean parts and save money by capturing coolants and chips for reuse and recycling.

Tool Grinder Improves Thermal Stability

The Star NTG-4L tool and cutter grinder from Star SU is designed for manufacturing, sharpening and reconditioning a variety of cutting tools with high productivity and precision.

Grinding Wheels Suit Carbide Round Tools, Inserts

Norton Abrasives offers its Paradigm Diamond grinding wheels, which feature a bond designed to deliver high performance on carbide round tools and periphery grinding on carbide and cermet inserts.

Compact Five-Axis Machine for Medical Implant Industry

To meet demands for compact, high-precision machines to make small, complex components such as those required by the medical implant industry, Hermle Machine Company offers its C12 five-axis machining center.

Hybrid Mill Features Two Independent Multi-Axis Heads

C.R. Onsrud offers its dual-process hybrid mill, a single large-format machine that simultaneously runs two independent multi-axis heads on two separately operated, 6 × 6-ft. table platforms.

Expanded Chuck Series Provides Self-Centering Jaws for Large Parts

SMW Autoblok has expanded its IR-C power chuck line with specifications that were previously offered by request only.

Coolant Pump System Provides Adaptive Flow Rates

MP Systems offers its RA11 adaptive flow pump system, designed to provide consistent, high-pressure coolant during machining applications that require a range of cutting tool sizes.

Monoblocks Expand Connector Utility

Harting has expanded the capabilities of its Han-Eco and Han-Yellock modular connector series by developing dedicated, high-density monoblock inserts for each.

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