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Honing Centers Designed for Accessibility

Gehring's Lifehone series of honing centers includes six models, offering stroke lengths ranging from 200 to 600 mm and servomotor-driven spindles providing as much as 60 Nm of torque at speeds as fast as 6,000 rpm.

Custom Tooling and Fixturing Technologies Improve Capabilities

Bluco Corporation offers modular fixturing for machining, welding, inspection and assembly applications.

Machining Center Performs Simultaneous Five-Axis Contouring

Doosan introduces its FM 200/5AX Linear five-axis machining center, designed for simultaneous five-axis contouring for a range of complex parts including medical devices, automotive turbochargers and other precision parts.

Insertable Tooling Systems Speed Tool Change-Over

Schwanog's insertable tooling systems suit precision manufacturing in the medical, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

Measuring Microscope Handles Low-Contrast Features

Mahr Federal has introduced its MarVision MM 320 video measuring microscope with image processing capability.

Turn-Mill Lathe Performs Nine-Axis Operations

Ganesh Machinery offers its nine-axis Cyclone 52-BY2 twin-spindle CNC turn-mill lathe featuring a 2" bar capacity on the main spindle and subspindle.

Customization Eases Company Data Display

Realtrac’s Dashboard application provides customized company data. The program’s drag-and-drop controls enable users to size and place gages, graphs, digital numeric and other displays that are bound to preset data points in the company’s SQL databa...

Collet System Provides High Clamping Force

Available from Bilz, the Diebold CentroGrip system is said to combine optimum cutting tool run-out (TIR) with high flexibility.

Cutting Tool Library Eases Data Access

Designed to address the need to manage tools from multiple manufacturers, Sandvik Coromant's Adveon tool library software module integrates into CAD/CAM programs including Edgecam, TopSolid'Cam and GibbsCAM, among others.

Bar Feeder Accommodates Multi-Diameter Stock

Lexair's Multi Mini Rhinobar bar feeder speeds multi-diameter barstock processing, combining three sizes of feed tube in a cartridge that automatically centers and feeds into Swiss-style CNC screw machines and sliding-head lathes.

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