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From Job Shop Chaos To Lean Order

Classic lean manufacturing principles are practically taken as gospel, but benefits can be elusive for manufacturers that produce a variety of parts in low volumes. This shop took a different approach to lean—one aided by software that helped identi...

To Find New Employees, Look to the Current Ones

For a leading lean manufacturer in the Northeast, offering incentives to current employees has proven to be the most effective route to finding quality new hires.

Has Lean Become Too Extreme?

Surges in demand reveal a weakness of just-in-time supply chains.

Outsource Regionally Instead of Nationally

The logic of “offshoring” often makes more sense when there is no shore involved. Considerable savings can result from sending work to different regions of the USA.

The Skinny on Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing—the on-going effort to remove waste from a manufacturing process—has become not only a practice in the metalworking industry, but a culture as well.

Machining Reimagined As A Lean Resource

It was a bold move for this company to install four new machine tools, including two turn-mills, at one time, but it was the only way to take the lean journey to a higher level. 

The Responsiveness Robot

For this lean shop dedicated to low-inventory kanban relationships with customers, the most critical measure of efficiency revealed the value of robotic loading.

What Lean Looks Like

A lean manufacturing consultant lists ways that lean shops look and operate differently.

The Most Valuable Resource For Succeeding At Lean

What is the most valuable resource? The answer is probably obvious: the people. This shop started to succeed at lean manufacturing once every employee got involved.

Moving Forward In Order To Stay Put

This job shop’s commitment to lean allows its business to grow while it remains in the facility where it has to stay.

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