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Published: 6/26/2012

Video: Time-Saving Workholding
Erowa discusses workholding options for greater machining center efficiency.

Published: 7/10/2009

Video: Grouping HMCs For Greater Efficiency
VIDEO. In a lean machining facility, grouping horizontal machining centers close together allows a small number of operators to use the machines efficiently.

Published: 7/10/2009

Video: Three-Machine Lean Cell At Richards Industries
VIDEO. For this valve maker, a part that might have been machined in one setup on a multitasking machine tool is instead machined with greater throughput using a series of simpler machines. Company personnel explain.

Published: 7/10/2009

Video: Increased Productivity With More (Not Fewer) Setups
VIDEO. Valve maker Richards Industries took a part that used to machined at one machine tool and added an additional setup on a vertical machining center. Higher throughput was the result.

Published: 6/24/2009

Video Profile: Lean Machining at Vanamatic
See how this Delphos, Ohio, screw machine shop has saved considerable time by making its process on the shop floor more lean.

Published: 6/3/2009

Video: What Is 5S?
Here is a training film a job shop developed to help its employees understand 5S.

Published: 10/17/2008

Video Tour: Bryco Machine
Bryco Machine recently reorganized its shop floor to implement a leaner process. Here is a narrated tour through the shop.

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