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Lean No Less Important

Lean manufacturing shouldn’t become lost in the shuffle of today’s emerging part-production technologies, strategies and approaches.

Putting your Shop on a Diet: How to Become Lean

There are strategies involved in achieving lean for a shop, but like going on a diet, lean doesn’t happen overnight and it takes some work on your part to get your shop in shape.

The 'Skinny' on the New Year

One New Year's resolution you should seriously consider for your shop is to work on going as lean as possible, and our articles on can help you reach your goal.

Video: A Job Shop’s Lean Transformation

For shops considering a move to lean manufacturing—or a recommitment to lean manufacturing—this video is a great encouragement.

5 Buyer Decisions That Increase Costs

These five factors can unnecessarily add costs or delays to a precision machined part: small order quantities, material selection, special diameter holes, close tolerances, unnecessarily fine surface finish.

What Does Lean Actually Mean?

It's important to make sure your employees are on the same page if you are considering a move to lean. Watch this presentation by BlueSwarf CEO Greg Eckerman for an introduction to lean's core principles.

For Manufacturers, a Little Inventory is Healthy

It turns out that too much efficiency is inefficient.

What is Your Cost Model Costing You?

Our new expert in our Lean Machining Zone cautions manufacturers against using an activity-based costing method. This line of thinking makes it hard to justify needed improvements.

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