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A Boring System For Non-Round Holes

Machining an out-of-round bore is easy if you're not particular about the location or magnitude of the roundness error. But accurately machining a hole that has a precisely defined non-round profile is a capability that would seem to be well beyond ...

Getting To Know Grob

With some familiar names in the machine tool building business fading away recently through mergers, acquisitions, or shutdowns, it may be interesting to learn of an unfamiliar or little known machine tool builder.

Split Personality

At the Canadian Machine Tool Show in late 2001, this company introduced its new H/V machining center. H/V stands for horizontal/vertical. OK, so it's a universal machining center ... big deal.

Automating Multiple Face Machining

Although multiple face machining in a single setup is possible with four-axis machines, these machines only meet the positioning requirements for a small range of parts. To have the capability for programming multi-plane machining-and to machine thi...

When You Need Really Accurate Bores

When bore specifications move beyond the capability of more traditional cutting operations, shops look to honing as the next step in the finish and accuracy continuum. Here you'll find a process that, in some applications, produces better results th...

For Unattended Machining, Attend To Pre-Process

Efficient use of labor is a primary goal of unattended machining. To successfully reduce process intervention, all of the manufacturing disciplines must participate. Accomplishing this requires detailed pre-process planning, which is the key to opti...

An Approach To Boosting Shop Production Capacity

The increased availability of modular manufacturing cells has added another means of increasing a shop’s capacity. This article looks at a practical approach to evaluating when and how much automation is appropriate for a shop.

Find The Time

This mold shop shows where to look. Faced with tighter lead times, it achieved faster workflow by using existing machinery and manpower in more efficient ways.

High Automation for Low Volume

Many people think flexible machining cells are for high production, but this shop finds just the opposite. Here's how they've grown their cell to meet the needs of their work.

Implementing A Machining Cell

A large horizontal machining center gives this laser manufacturer the capacity it needs for now as well as a growth path to meet future needs.

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