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Combined Skiving/Roller Burnishing Alternative to Honing

Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Precihole SBN300/1-600 skiving and roller burnishing machine is well-suited for ID finishing operations for hydraulic tubes ranging from 1.37" to 16" ID and as long as 40 ft.

Horizontal Boring Mill Accommodates Shorter Tools

The HBMX55i horizontal boring mill from Hurco offers a work envelope measuring 55.1" × 55.7" × 43.3" and a W-axis stroke measuring 19".

Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine Equipped with Rotary Table

Chevalier Machinery offers its FBB series 110 and 130 horizontal boring and milling machines equipped with a rotary table.

Chevalier’s Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine Offers Range of Applications

Chevalier Machinery’s FBB-110 130 series machine is a heavy-duty, high precision design of the FBB series of horizontal boring and milling machine with rotary table and offers a range of machining applications.

Horizontal Boring Mill Accommodates Large Workpieces

FEMCO’s BMC-110R2 horizontal boring mill features stress-relieved Meehanite castings for all major components and uses induction-hardened boxways on all three axes.

Universal Machining Center Optimizes Floor Space

Kent CNC will showcase its CNC KHV-400 combination horizontal/vertical machining center designed for five-sided machining in a single setup.

Horizontal Boring Mill Offers Two Spindle Models

Available from Yama Seiki, the AWEA BL-series horizontal boring mill is available with two different boring spindle models: the BL-S series and the BL-FM.

BL Series Horizontal Boring Mill Machining Center for Heavy Cutting

The Yama Seiki horizontal boring mill machine, the BL series, is offered in two types of boring spindle: the quill BL-S series and the ram-type BL-FM series.

Five-Axis Machine for Aerospace, Defense

The high-efficiency Mikron HEM 500U from GF AgieCharmilles provides five-axis capabilities for accurate and reliable parts production.

Universal Machining Center

The newest universal machining center from Haas Automation, the UMC-750, is a five-axis, 40-taper VMC with 30" × 20" × 20" travels and an integrated dual-axis trunnion table.

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