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Five-Axis Machining Center for Small Batch Production

Breton’s Ultrix 1000 RT HD high speed five-axis machining center is designed for small batch production of small- to medium-size workpieces such as wheels and rings ranging to 1,200 mm in diameter.

High Speed Mills Feature Motion-Control System

Hurco will showcase its VMXHSi high speed mills equipped with direct-drive servos.

Portable CNC Machining Center Performs Secondary Operations

Southwestern Industries will release its TRAK 2OP portable machining center designed for second-operation machining.

Universal Machining Center Optimizes Floor Space

Kent CNC will showcase its CNC KHV-400 combination horizontal/vertical machining center designed for five-sided machining in a single setup.

Five-Axis VMC Accommodates Tall Parts

The swivel-head design of Hurco’s five-axis VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary table that is embedded to provide an additional 3.5" of clearance in the Z axis for taller parts.

VMCs, Lathes to be Displayed

Machining center manufacturing and supplier Shenyang Machine Tool will display a selection of its products at the show.

High Speed Machining Center Features Motion Control

Hurco will showcase the high speed VMX42HSi mill equipped with direct-drive servos, an 18-k integral spindle and X/Y/Z travels of 42" × 24" × 24".

High-Speed Milling of Small, Complex Parts

GF AgieCharmilles' Mikron HSM 200U LP (linear performance) milling machine is said to increase speed, efficiency, precision.

VMC Designed for Graphite Machining

Absolute Machine Tools will display its TMV-510G machining center from Tongtai Machine & Tool.

Five-Axis Machine for Continuous Milling

GF AgieCharmilles’ five-axis HEM 500U features a dynamic 12,000-rpm spindle and 30-tool magazine providing a chip-to-chip time of 2 sec.

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