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Five-Axis Technology

HyperMill from Open Mind Technologies features five-axis technology including automated cutter orientation techniques, collision detection and collision avoidance methods.

VMC For Complex Geometries

Designed to machine complex geometries, Makino’s F3 VMC is designed for rigidity and micron-range positioning accuracies and repeatability.

High-Precision Universal Milling Machine

DMG’s CNC universal milling machine, the DMU 50 eco, is designed for high precision and reliability in workshop, training and laboratory settings, as well as for tool, fixture and mold construction applications. With its sturdy cross-slide construc...

High-Torque Milling Center Machines Tough Materials

The Tarkus horizontal/vertical milling center manufactured by Jobs S. p.

VMC, HMC For Productive High Speed Machining

The FH400J is the company’s smallest HMC to date. Designed with a 15,000-rpm spindle, the machine is suited for high speed applications. The 2.

HMC Accommodates 1,102-lb Loads

An addition to the company’s Ecoline series of fully featured CNC machine tools designed for job shop use, the DMC H Eco is a compact HMC with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 22.1" × 23.6" × 23.6"; a 26.8-hp main drive; spi...

Machining Centers With Five-Axis Capabilities

The company introduces two machining centers, the B 300 and the C 50 U. Available in both three- and five-axis configurations, the B 300 incorporates select elements of the company’s C series machining centers, including gantry design for fast, ...

HMC With 15,000-rpm Spindle

The NBH 5+ Speed HMC is designed as a manufacturing solution for large aluminum parts or tombstones in automotive, electronic and general industrial applications, combining a generous work envelope with a 15,000-rpm motorized spindle, 295-ft/min...

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