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A Half-Century of Dimensional Gaging

Advances in measurement technologies have both resulted from and contributed to positive changes in a variety of industries.

Shop Gains Process Control with Automation

Eliminating variability from the manufacturing flow is a goal for most shops. Automation can allow reallocation of resources to accomplish this.

Keeping Watch on Small Parts

From watch parts to exotic medical applications, this shop takes on the world of micromachining.

Racing to Create Custom Pistons

Laser scanning technology enables this automotive aftermarket company to design and machine custom sets of pistons in short order.

Moving Forward in Reverse

This versatile shop leverages portable CMM technology to steadily grow the reverse engineering portion of its business.

Thread Verifier Eliminates Rework

Many applications require thorough inspection to prevent improperly tapped holes from reaching final assembly.

Fully Automated Part-to-CAD Measurement Verification

The complex geometries of parts that are produced in today’s shops are known to have tight tolerances that require highly detailed measurement for quality control.

Robots as Precision Machine Tools

To remain competitive, high-end manufacturing companies are looking for accurate, reliable and maintenance-free machine tools offering fast change-over, programming and setup. Industrial robot technology could provide an excellent base for machining...

Methods Convergence GD&T Tools

Parts that fly and parts that are implanted in the human body have a number of things in common, one being that failure is not an option. For critical parts on which lives depend, no expense can be spared and no stone left unturned to ensure quality...

Sizing up the Digital Optical Comparator

A digital optical comparator uses a CAD file instead of a template or overlay film. More importantly, the digital comparator not only measures dimensions, but it also actively compares the measurements with nominal values, thus making it truly a gag...

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