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Advances in Laser-Scanning Technology

Learn how the latest laser scanning devices and software offer a number of advantages for inspection and reverse engineering.

Applying New Laser-Scanning Technology

Here’s why many of today’s manufacturers are considering retrofitting CMMs and articulated measuring arms with laser scanners.

Dimensional Inspection in the Digital Age

Advanced digital technology has had a significant role in helping shops keep pace with ever increasing customer demands for quality.

A Third Class of Touch-Trigger Probes

Fully digital probes are especially effective at accurate digitizing routines using a long stylus.

Multiple Tool Setting and Inspection Probing

A fine line often exists in the decision of when to invest in additional capital equipment and/or personnel to handle overloaded machines or a backlog of customer requests.

Software Standardizes Measurement Communication

Efficient communication between disparate measurement devices and brands is the reason for PC-DMIS’s development. It is and continues to be driven and refined by users’ needs in the shop.

Probing for Quality

Committed employee owners are the foundation of this company’s achievements in high precision manufacturing.

Video: CT Scanning for Injection Molding

A mold maker discusses its experience with computed tomography scanning for inside and outside inspection of delicate molded parts.

Electronic Dial Bore Gage

It’s another one of those “necessary evils” that shopfloor employees often don’t appreciate the significance of.

Long-Range RFID Inventory Tracking

In today’s manufacturing environment, knowing where parts and assets are can play a vital role in maintaining continuous operation and preventing production delays.

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