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Applying Inductive Technology to Detect Grinding Burn

This sensor-based technology for gear measuring machines quickly detects grinding burn and other imperfections on the surface of ground gears and related components.

Measurement: Some Recent Developments You Should Know About

Speed and accuracy are vital concerns for metrologists. Here’s some new equipment that can help achieve them.

Going Lean in Order to Grow

This shop has a plan for dramatically expanding its contract machining business in high-value markets.

A New Approach to Tool Presetting

This non-contact presetter has a number of design elements that enable it to perform effectively on the shop floor. It looks and operates differently than other presetters currently available, too.

Inspection System Brings Programmability to Shopfloor Gaging

Gaging device extends the reach of the CMM out to the production floor, and provides an alternative to dedicated gaging.

The Employee-Owned Advantage

This Ohio shop is 100-percent employee-owned. Thus, both management and shopfloor employees recognize the importance of optimizing efficiency wherever possible. Thanks to a strong willingness to invest in and embrace new technologies, sales-per-empl...

Presetting Pays Dividends

Many shops are moving away from centralized toolroom operations and opting instead for distributed tool presetting on the shop floor. The presetting machines available today are accurate, easy to use and provide closed-loop tool compensation on the ...

Four Steps to Better Equipment Effectiveness

Lean manufacturing typically gets the spotlight as the path to profit, but before you can have a lean operation, you need to get your processes under control.

Portable, Digital Microscope Records High Resolution Images

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes having the ability to take and send a high-resolution digital photograph from the shop floor can be worth thousands of dollars in time savings.

From Blank to Box

Global Gear & Machining created a new cell that requires no human intervention.

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