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Surface Texture From Ra to Rz

The irregularity of a machined surface is the result of the machining process, including the choice of tool; feed and speed of the tool; machine geometry; and environmental conditions. This irregularity consists of high and low spots machined into ...

DFGT - Double Flank Gear Testing

Functional gear testing, also known as total radial composite deviation, is a method of looking at the total effect of gear errors. This test method simulates the conditions under which a set of gears is likely to operate as a result of the gears m...

The Three Ds Of Straightness Plugs

We have touched on different applications of air gaging: size, match gaging and form applications such as taper. In this column, we'll discuss air straightness plugs.

A Different Differential

When we talk about differential gaging, we are usually referring to the process of using two sensing devices and combining the results into one measurement. The measured dimension is the change in the position of the two sensing components.

Stacking Up For Big IDs

For those medium and large parts with inside diameters greater than 4 inches, an inside micrometer is often used as the inspection tool of choice. This is especially true if the volume of parts is low and there is a large range of diameters to acco...

The Dial Tells It All

Dial indicators—you've seen one, you've seen them all. They are all over the shop, and as you walk around, they all look the same to you.

Say Hello to Mr. Abbé, Mr. Hooke And Mr. Hertz

Whenever you use a handtool or precision gage, you should be aware of typical pitfalls that prevent good gage performance. These include measurement errors resulting from environmental conditions (dirt and temperature), loose and/or worn gage parts...

Feels Like A Go To Me

Once a QC manager came to me, confused and dissatisfied. He was spending money to buy quality masters, but his inspection process was not improving.

Working With Your Working Gage Blocks

The uses of working gage blocks are as varied as the number of gage blocks in a large set. The working blocks have an intermediate grade and are often used in the inspection or calibration lab, but they may also be found on the shop floor.

Semi-Automatics—The In-Between Gages

The faucet has been opened a little, and you've just received a long-awaited contract to produce 10,000 large trunnion caps for a manufacturer of earth moving equipment. Despite the joy, you realize that you have a problem: The machines will be in ...

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