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Fixtures Are A Common Source Of Gaging Error

As a gaging engineer, my concept of a gage includes both the measuring instrument and its fixture. Assuming you are dealing with a reputable supplier, and your instrument was engineered to do its job as intended, there is probably little you can do...

Choice Of Bore Gage Depends On The Application

Indicating bore gages come in two basic varieties: adjustable-capacity gages with interchangeable contacts or extensions and fixed-size gages with plug-type bodies. While indicating plug gages can measure closer tolerances with higher repeatability...

You Won't Err With Air

It is perfectly natural that machinists should have an affinity for mechanical gages. To a machinist, the working of a mechanical gage is both straightforward and pleasing.

Holes Big Enough To Fall Into

Maybe you’re not in Texas, but suddenly you find yourself faced with a huge measurement requirement. You’ve been given the task of checking some large diameters—not your 6 inch variety—I mean those large enough to drive a herd of cows through.

To Help You Select The Right Gage And Master, Let's Play 20 Questions

You will soon be going into production with a new component. There are six or eight ways you could measure the part and dozens of products that might do the job.

Coming To Terms With Accuracy

A question I am frequently asked is, "How accurate is that gage?" I am usually tempted to say something like, "Super accurate" or "So accurate you wouldn't believe it!" But I don't. Instead, I take a deep breath and give my questioner a couple para...

Where's The Fault? SWIPE To Find Out

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad tidings. This goes back to the dawn of recorded history, when a tribal leader might easily decide to kill the messenger if the news was not to his liking.

Gaging Oldies But Goodies—A Review Of Some Things We Should Know By Now

Ten years ago this month, Quality Gaging Tips first appeared in Modern Machine Shop. Since that time, we have covered many tools and techniques for assuring accurate, repeatable measurement and gaging in machine shops.

Do's And Don'ts For Keeping Dial Indicators In The Game

Just because dial indicators have been around since the early 1900s, don't expect them to fade away with the last century. This tool's long-term popularity is well earned.

Going To Extremes

When most of us think about measurement environments, what generally comes to mind are pleasant laboratories with temperatures controlled to 68°F/20°C—plus or minus a degree or two. Or in the worst case, we picture a gaging shop with swings of temp...

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