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Laser Head’s Stability Makes for Accurate Measurement

Optodyne introduces its L-109H stable laser head for highly accurate measurement.

Readouts for Air Gages

Western Gage’s Micro IIi air gage readouts provide fast and accurate measurements of internal and external diameters.

3D Scanning Services Highlighted

The QC Group will highlight its 3D scanning services, demonstrating a 9-ft. arm FaroArm CMM from Faro Technologies.

CMMs Expand Measuring Ranges

Zeiss Industrial Metrology now offers its Contura CMM in four larger measuring sizes.

Automatic 3D Scanner Speeds Decision Making

The ShapeGrabber Ai310 3D scanner inspects and measures complex parts automatically and is said to deliver complete part information in minutes.

Measuring System Enables Automatic CNC Operation

RAM Optical Instrumentation, a division of Quality Vision International, offers the QVI SparkMVP high-performance measuring system.

Video Contour Projector Measures Large, Heavy Workpieces

The C-Vision video contour projector from Certified Comparator Products (CCP) combines the design of a profile projector with the accuracy of a video measurement system.

Blue Light Scanner Improves Scanning of Shiny Surfaces

Available from Capture 3D, the ATOS Triple Scan 16M high-precision blue light scanner provides as many as 16 million points per scan.

Microscope Measures Particles to 25 Microns

Carl Zeiss Microscopy provides a variety of tailored solutions for particle analysis for use in quality assurance and cleanliness testing in a manufacturing and production environment, including its SteREO Discover.V8 microscope.

CMM Scans Circular Features Faster

Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s Contura CMM features navigator technology for active sensors, which enables faster scanning of circular features while also increasing accuracy.

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