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3D Scanner Uses Blue LED Technology

The ATOS Triple Scan 12M is part of Capture 3D’s ATOS series of 3D scanners that use non-contact structured Blue LED technology.

Monitoring System for Complete Production

The Marposs Monitoring Solutions initiative provides monitoring systems for complete production fields.

Desktop Measuring Machine for Edge Rounding

The Zoller pomSkpGo portable desktop measuring machine is designed for measuring and preparing cutting edges.

Portable Air Gage Features Rotating Digital Dial

The company will highlight its Micro-Dimensionair II portable air gage.

CMM Combines Contact Scanning, Optical Measuring

Carl Zeiss Metrology will display the O-Inspect 322 coordinate measuring machine that combines contact scanning and optical measuring.

CoreX2 Measures in Real-Time on Shop Floor

George Products Company has added the CoreX2 to its product line.

3D Laser Gaging System Replaces Manual Gages

The company’s 3D laser gaging system is designed to replace manual gages like micrometers, calipers, ring gages and optical comparators, using 3D modeling, three-wire thread graphics and other graphical displays to remove human error from setups and...

Inspection/Sorting Machine

ShadowGage is designed to measure features such as diameters, lengths and grooves on the contour of small precision parts, and then automatically separate the acceptable parts from the rejects.

Gage Designed for In-Machine Measurement

The DF-F16 True-Diameter Gage is designed to verify part OD automatically in the machine.

Non-Contact Measurement System for Cylindrical Components

Mectron Inspection Systems’ First Scan 150R is a non-contact, fully automatic precision measuring system designed for cylindrical components.

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