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Probing Systems and Software for On-Machine Measuring

Marposs’ 3D Shape Inspector part measurement and verification software is designed for machine tools with as many as five axes.

Portable or Bench Thread Inspection Systems

The company’s full range of portable and bench inspection systems for external and internal threads incorporate functional and pitch diameter measurements for UN, metric, NPT and other thread forms.   Also featured is the Centrax inspec...

Cylindricity Machine with Automated Probing System

The MMQ 200 Formtester cylindricity machine features an automated T7W probing system.

Inspection Styli Features Silicon Nitride

The company offers CMM styli with drilled silicon nitride balls measuring1-mm or larger.

Cylindricity Machine With Automated Probing System

 The MMQ 200 Formtester cylindricity machine features the T7W, a ±360 degree, motorized, bi-directional probe designed for automated probe positioning.

Multi-Sensor CMM Suits Various Applications

Able to accommodate multiple types of sensors, the Accura CMM incorporates foam insulating technology and other features that contribute to fast, precise and flexible measurements, the company says.

Laser Calibration And Volumetric Error Compensation

The MCV-5002 is suited for the laser calibration and 3D volumetric error compensation of CNC machine tools, CMMs and five-axis, gantry-type machines for the aerospace industry. This system is said to be efficient at calibrating and compensating lin...

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