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Software Speeds Up Automotive Part Inspection

Lotus Cars is known worldwide for creating award-winning sports cars at the forefront of vehicle design technology. The company has also developed a reputation for exceptional quality.

Gage Improves Thread Inspection

When Superbolt, Inc., had requests from more and more of its customers to inspect its threads to System 23 (MIL-S-8879A-23) specifications, this producer of Stud/Bolt Tensioners realized it needed to find a new method to control the quality of the c...

Software Charges CMMs

Eagle Manufacturing is a supplier of engine components to Ford Motor Company and Navistar International, a leading manufacturer of trucks, school buses and midrange diesel engines. Eagle’s 120-person facility produces cylinder heads, connecting rods...

Checking Fixtures Built With Seamless Epoxy Paste

This company has realized significant time savings by developing outer and inner checking fixtures for a truck manufacturer using a combination of fiberglass and epoxy.

Job Shop Solves 2D Measurement Problem With Single-Axis Height Gage

Job shops are always trying to satisfy customers who are in a hurry. Sometimes these customers provide demanding or faulty specifications and then claim that a job isn't done right.

Job Shop Upgrades CMM With Measuring Software

At the time, this company had a small manual Browne&Sharpe Validator CMM with Micro Measure 3 software. Mr. Myers knew this was not adequate to support the company's needs, especially in a QS9000 certification program.

Roundness Measurement System Enhances Capabilities

The company says it owes its success to teamwork. Everyone--from the engineers who craft designs, to the machine operators who grind the parts, to the president who consults with all of them-collaborates on finding ways to make quality parts the bes...

Pump Maker Gains Production Efficiency With Smart Gaging Choices

The challenge facing this pump manufacturer was to make the high-tolerance inspection process so efficient that parts could be checked randomly by several machinists, without causing delays that would slow production.

Truck-Chassis Quality Throughput Upgraded With Shopfloor Coordinate Measuring

CMMs, once relegated to protected, off-the-floor QA labs, are now proving out in manufacturing environments such as heavy-metal fabrication shops. The payoff is the same as in precision manufacturing: higher yields, better process control and lower ...

Meeting Rotating Part Specs Focuses Machine Shop On Quality Inspection

Portable arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer advantages beyond portability.

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