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Software Charges CMMs

Eagle Manufacturing is a supplier of engine components to Ford Motor Company and Navistar International, a leading manufacturer of trucks, school buses and midrange diesel engines. Eagle’s 120-person facility produces cylinder heads, connecting rods...

Gage Improves Thread Inspection

When Superbolt, Inc., had requests from more and more of its customers to inspect its threads to System 23 (MIL-S-8879A-23) specifications, this producer of Stud/Bolt Tensioners realized it needed to find a new method to control the quality of the c...

Checking Fixtures Built With Seamless Epoxy Paste

This company has realized significant time savings by developing outer and inner checking fixtures for a truck manufacturer using a combination of fiberglass and epoxy.

Job Shop Solves 2D Measurement Problem With Single-Axis Height Gage

Job shops are always trying to satisfy customers who are in a hurry. Sometimes these customers provide demanding or faulty specifications and then claim that a job isn't done right.

Job Shop Upgrades CMM With Measuring Software

At the time, this company had a small manual Browne&Sharpe Validator CMM with Micro Measure 3 software. Mr. Myers knew this was not adequate to support the company's needs, especially in a QS9000 certification program.

Roundness Measurement System Enhances Capabilities

The company says it owes its success to teamwork. Everyone--from the engineers who craft designs, to the machine operators who grind the parts, to the president who consults with all of them-collaborates on finding ways to make quality parts the bes...

Pump Maker Gains Production Efficiency With Smart Gaging Choices

The challenge facing this pump manufacturer was to make the high-tolerance inspection process so efficient that parts could be checked randomly by several machinists, without causing delays that would slow production.

Truck-Chassis Quality Throughput Upgraded With Shopfloor Coordinate Measuring

CMMs, once relegated to protected, off-the-floor QA labs, are now proving out in manufacturing environments such as heavy-metal fabrication shops. The payoff is the same as in precision manufacturing: higher yields, better process control and lower ...

Meeting Rotating Part Specs Focuses Machine Shop On Quality Inspection

Portable arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer advantages beyond portability.

Digitizer Drives Five-Axis CNC Head Porting To The Performance Redline

Why spend thousands of dollars on a precision machined engine block, crank and pistons, just to bolt on a set of unported cylinder heads with mismatched port volumes and rough wall surfaces? This is where hand porting comes in.

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