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Metalworking Lubricant Controls Corrosion

QualiChem’s Eqo-Pure 452 vegetable-based, water-soluble lubricant is designed for severe hardened steel and stainless steel machining applications.

Magnetic Separator Enables Diversified Waste Disposal

The DMD magnetic disc depurator from Losma features rotating discs to eliminate magnetic particles without using consumable materials.

Cyclo Cool 900 Synthetic Fluids Meet Heavy-Duty Machining Requirements

5ME's Cyclo Cool 900 series synthetic metal machining fluids use a near-neutral pH formula developed to meet heavy-duty, high heat machining requirements at a lower cost than semi-synthetics and soluble oils.

Rust Inhibitor Features Low VOC Content

Dri-Touch Amber rust blocker from Birchwood Technologies offers low volatile organic content and virtually no odor.

Tramp Oil Separator Decreases Hazardous Waste Volumes

PRAB’s tramp oil separator removes free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from coolant and wash water using gravity flow and coalescence.

Fluid-Management Systems Maximize Recycling Potential

CRS fluid-recycling systems from Eriez are self-contained coolant- and fluid-management systems capable of recycling water-miscible fluids to maximum potential.

Combination Sump Cleaner and Dispenser

Cecor’s CE-30 Extra-Power twin-tank sump cleaner and dispenser features two 60-gallon tanks on a single chassis, one for cleaning and one for dispensing.

Cecor Combination Sump Cleaner and Dispenser

Cecor's CE-30 extra-power twin tank sump cleaner and dispenser can be an important part of a coolant recycling program.

Guardian Coolant Recycling System Extends Life of Metalworking Fluids

The Guardian coolant recycling system is a fluid reclamation management tool for operations with industrial coolant or washwater reservoirs.

Grinding Fluid’s Molecular Structure Minimizes Heat Build-Up

SintoGrind 353 gear-grinding fluid from oelheld is formulated from pure synthetic base stocks for demanding grinding tasks and is designed to handle hardened steels in excess of 65 Rc.

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