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Chemical Pretreatment Products Resist Corrosion

Coral Chemical will highlight its Eco-Treat series of pretreatment products, which are formulated for improved corrosion resistance, ambient operation, very low to no phosphates, and reduced sludge, maintenance and wastewater treatment concerns.

Retrofit Cooling System for Driven Tools

Rego-Fix will showcase its reCool cooling system, a retrofit solution for driven tools.

Gear Machining Fluid Improves Performance

DiaGrind 535-15 from oelheld is a multifunctional fluid for gear hobbing, grinding and shaping applications.

Digital Scale System Prevents Precipitate Formation

DME Company will display its digital scale control system.

In-Line Magnetic Separators for Coolants and Cutting Oils

Keller Products’ magnetic separators for machine tool coolants and cutting oils feature a magnetic rod assembly that fits standard 10" cartridge filter housings.

PowerStream VP High-Pressure Coolant System

PowerStream VP from LNS America is a high-pressure coolant system that enables users to program variable pressure outlets to deliver up to 2,000 psi of filtered coolant.

Portable Inline Fluide Reclamation Machine

Eriez Hydroflow’s SumpDoc is a portable inline fluid reclamation machine that provides complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment.

Automated Filtration System Reduces Machine Downtime

The self-contained Automag Skid filtration system from Eclipse Magnetics is designed to reduce downtime and expenditure on consumable filters in a variety of high-volume metal machining processes.

Cutting Tools, Fluids For Aerospace Machining

 Cyclo Cut cutting tools include indexable milling tools, rotary cutting tools and toolholders for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.

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