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Recycling System Cuts New Coolant Use in Half

Nebraska Machine Products was buying new coolant every month, racking up expenses. Eriez' HydroFlow coolant recycling system reduced new coolant costs.

Shop Cleans up Oil Room with Storage and Dispensing System

Last year, DuPage Machine Products replaced the sprawling, inefficient and unorganized 55-gallon drums with the centralized storage and dispensing system from The IFH Group.

Low Foam Technology Solves Production Problems

QualiChem brought in its Xtreme Cut 250C coolant to get rid of a foaming issue in a coolant delivery system.

Metalworking Fluid Increases Process Consistency

Integrating Chemetall’s Tech Cool 35052 metalworking fluid into its production process along with other production improvements helped Case New Holland improve machine uptime, tool life and part finish.

Magnetic Filtration Leads to Premier Finish

Magnetic filtration can be used in almost any environment where ferrous and paramagnetic contamination of a liquid is a problem.

Automation, Parts Cleaning and Coolant Filtration in One System

As bids came in for new systems for plant automation, parts cleaning and deburring, as well as centralized coolant filtration systems for the company's engine block and head production line, Cummins found that Dürr Ecoclean could handle all three ta...

Long-Lasting Coolant Reduces Costs, Downtime

This shop provides a case in point of the substantial savings that can be realized with the proper coolant formulation. Rustlick Ultracut Pro, available from ITW Rocol North America, lasted twice as long in the sump than the shop’s previous coolant,...

Fixing Smelly Corroding Coolant Sumps Pays Off For Injection Mold Maker

As this company grew and the machine shop expanded, odor and corrosion started to gain the upper hand.

Coolant Solves Odor And Dermatitis Problems

Unfortunately, along with this shop's successful growth rate came some new problems, the same problems experienced by many other companies: coolant odor, dermatitis outbreaks and rust.

Coolant Delivery System Clears The Air For Specialty Manufacturer

According to this shop owner, this coolant delivery system met his objective of minimizing coolant usage while reducing or eliminating the misting problem.

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