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Micromachining Tidbits

Here are a few tricks this shop uses to be more effective at micromachining.

Video: 1964 Game Show Demos Drilling through Human Hair

See a clip of the founder of Maryland’s National Jet on the “I’ve Got a Secret” game show demonstrating his company’s ability to drill through something as small as a human hair.

Milling Hard-to-Machine Materials on a Micro Scale

The idea of a tool that effectively controls heat with a special grade of carbide, a new coating and internal channels that deliver cooling through ports in the shank where the milling flutes begin, is worth a look.

Product Spotlight Slideshow: Micromachining

Our Modern Equipment Review spotlight in May highlights a range of micromachining equipment—from a full-sized EDM to a line of micro-drills. View the slideshow to learn more.

Events Highlight New EDMs, Micromachining Technology

Back-to-back events drew hundreds to Makino’s Auburn Hills, Michigan tech center last week for technical presentations, machine demos, networking and more.

Micromachining Conference for Ultra-Precision Technologies

The Makino Micromachining Conference, scheduled for Tuesday, September 10, in Auburn Hills, Mich., will include demonstrations of Makino’s latest micromachining technologies and guest presentations addressing manufacturing at the micro scale.

Applying Waterjet Micromachining

Scientists are deeply involved in exploring the frontier of micro-abrasive waterjet technology.

World’s Smallest Boring Head?

With a diameter range of 0.016” to 0.276”, this boring head is well-suited for a variety of micromachining applications.

Checklist for the Serious Startup Shop

Are you starting a CNC job shop? Go over this equipment checklist before you begin.

Micromachining and Flat-Screen TVs

A Pennsylvania shop has benefitted by developing an effective micromachining strategy for hard tooling components. Learn more about this as well as the interesting incentive program it’s implemented.

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